The rental by RENTSCAPE SAS or one of its agents of motor vehicles and their equipment and accessories, under the brand name "RENTSCAPE", is exclusively subject to the present General Rental Conditions and to the special conditions resulting from the contractual documents given to the renter. THE CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES HAVING RECEIVED, READ AND ACCEPTED THE GCL AT THE LATEST WHEN HANDING OVER THE RENTAL CONTRACT AND THE VEHICLE KEYS AT THE RENTAL STATION COUNTER. This acceptance of the T&Cs and the Rental Contract is evidenced by the signature which the Customer must affix on an electronic terminal. The signature will be stored electronically together with the Rental Contract on physically unalterable media. It is furthermore agreed between the parties that the image of the signatures and that of the Rental Contract will have the legal value of an original document.

I. Prices and conditions of the main service

1) Conditions for delivery of the service

i) Age and driving license restrictions

In France, the minimum age for renting a vehicle is 18. The driver must hold a valid driving license: for at least 1 year for the MINI, ECONOMIC and COMPACT categories; for at least 3 years for the INTERMEDIATE and STANDARD categories; for at least 5 years for the SUPERIEURE "FULLSIZE", PREMIUM and VAN AMENAGE categories. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that he/she complies with the age and length of driver's license required for the category booked, and no compensation will be paid if the booking is cancelled as a result.
for this reason. An "additional young driver's insurance" is invoiced for drivers aged 25 or under, as well as for drivers over 26 who have held their driving license for less than 3 years: it amounts to €9 incl. tax per rental day, with a maximum of €180 per rental contract.

ii) Documents to be presented when picking up the vehicle

When picking up the vehicle, the driver must present the following documents to the RENTSCAPE employee or any other person authorized to hand over the keys: a valid form of identification, a valid driver's license, a valid bank card or internationally recognized credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) (which must expire no earlier than 2 months after the scheduled end of the contract), which must be in the driver's name. Proof of address less than 3 months old. AMERICAN EXPRESS cards are not accepted. Deferred debit cards are not accepted. Any valid driving license issued by a country belonging to the European Union or party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area is accepted. To drive in France with a non-European license: it must be valid and written in French, or accompanied by an official translation into French, or an international license. Lost or forgotten? If a driver cannot produce a valid and complete driving license, he or she will not be able to drive the vehicle.

iii) Inappropriate behaviour

RENTSCAPE reserves the right to refuse to rent a vehicle if an employee has reason to believe that one or more of the drivers is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the driver or any accompanying person adopts a threatening or offensive attitude towards one of our employees or a third-party customer. Similarly, any such attitude on the part of the driver during the term of the contract may lead to the unilateral termination of the rental contract by RENTSCAPE without compensation.

iv) Delivery of the vehicle

The vehicle is deemed to be made available to the customer in perfect working order. The rental contract given to the customer when the vehicle is handed over includes an inventory of fixtures listing any apparent defects as well as the mileage and fuel level. Any agreement concerning the state of the vehicle, kilometer or the level of fuel must be reported to the agents RENTSCAPE or any person habilitated to the remise of the key before the departure and be rectified on the contract of location, faute what no claim no complaint will be accepted. The signed rental contract is binding in the event of a dispute.

v) Return of the vehicle

The hirer is responsible for the vehicle until the time stipulated in the contract. If the keys are handed over at the agency in a secure mailbox, the lessee is responsible for the vehicle until the time stipulated in the contract. If the keys are handed over early to an authorized agent, the renter is responsible for the vehicle until the time stipulated in the contract, unless a joint inventory of fixtures is drawn up and signed on return. In the event of a late return, the contract is considered to have been extended by 24-hour periods, and the hirer is responsible for the vehicle until the end of the last 24-hour period. The taking of photographs does not relieve the hirer of responsibility if a contradictory inventory of fixtures has not been established with RENTSCAPE. If the company can establish that damage occurred prior to the return of the vehicle, but could not be identified when the vehicle was returned, the hirer will be held liable (this is the case, for example, of a breakdown due to incorrect fuel or a slow puncture).

2) How the price of the main service is calculated

i) Determining the price of the main service

Rental rates depend on a number of parameters, principally the departure and return dates, the departure and return agency, the duration of the rental and the category of vehicle rented. In the event of a change, the rate cannot be guaranteed.

ii) Inclusions in the price of the main service

Rental rates include :
- Third-party liability insurance: covers bodily injury or property damage suffered by third parties, as well as damage caused to passengers in the vehicle. Third-party liability insurance does not cover bodily injury to the driver of the vehicle (particularly in the event of an accident), damage to the vehicle, or damage to goods, objects or animals transported in the vehicle.
- Technical assistance for the vehicle in mainland France (breakdown service, towing and/or supply of a replacement vehicle) in the event of immobilization following a breakdown, accident or fire for which the customer is not at fault. In the event of a responsible breakdown (puncture, misfuelling, loss of keys, etc.) no replacement vehicle will be provided and repairs will be at the hirer's expense.

Rental rates do not include :
- Optional supplementary insurance and additional protection
- Assistance in the event of immobilization due to loss of vehicle keys, locking the vehicle with the keys inside, flat battery, misfuelling and/or flat tires.
- Assistance when leaving mainland France
- Fuel costs
- The cost of kilometers driven in excess of the fixed rate specified on the contract.
Anything not expressly included in the rental price will be invoiced separately, in particular :
- Costs associated with damage to the Vehicle and additional equipment, as well as costs associated with work to be carried out on the Vehicle.
- Loss or theft of the vehicle, vehicle keys, vehicle papers and/or additional equipment.

3) Fuel invoicing terms

Our rental contracts are "full-to-full", i.e. the vehicle is delivered with the tank 8/8ths full and must be returned with the tank 8/8ths full.
be returned with the tank 8/8ths full. The hirer must use the correct fuel for the vehicle,
as indicated on the vehicle's fuel filler flap. For safety's sake, our agents do not verbally
information on the fuel to be used and refer the hirer to the information on the fuel filler flap.
In the event of an error concerning the fuel used, the vehicle will be invoiced for repairs in accordance with the scale shown in II.1.iii. In the event of
with the fuel level indicated on the departure inventory, it is imperative to report this before departure when picking up the vehicle.
otherwise no claim will be accepted. In the event of a discrepancy, the full tank will be re-invoiced at the price
posted in the agency on the date the vehicle is picked up, and an additional "fuel allowance" of €59 incl. tax will be applied.
will be applied.

4) Security deposit - Bank pre-authorization

The security deposit is intended to cover any damage that may occur during the rental period and any other possible
billing supplements. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that funds are available on the day of rental. Under no circumstances
RENTSCAPE will not accept cheques or cash for the security deposit.

i) Accepted means of payment

In the agency, a security deposit is secured by means of a pre-authorized bank transfer, the amount of which depends on the amount of the excess.
Only VISA or MASTER bank cards in the driver's name, presented when picking up the vehicle, are accepted. The
Deferred debit cards are not accepted. Cards marked "credit" or "credit card" are not accepted as deferred debit cards.
deferred debit cards are not accepted. Cheques and cash are not accepted. AMERICAN EXPRESS is not accepted.
accepted. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the amount of the pre-authorization will be accepted by his/her bank on the day of departure.
day of departure.

ii) Amount

The amount of the security deposit is equal to the deductible for the category rented and the level of optional protection purchased:
- rental with single third-party protection/third-party liability :
- MINI category: €2400
- ECONOMIC category: €2600
- COMPACT category: €3000
- INTERMEDIATE category: €4000
- STANDARD category: €5000
- SUPERIOR "FULLSIZE" category: €5000
- PREMIUM category: €6000
- FURNISHED VAN category: €6,000
- rental with accident and theft protection
- MINI category: €1200
- ECONOMIC category: €1300
- COMPACT category: €1500
- INTERMEDIATE category: €2000
- STANDARD category: €2,500
- SUPERIEURE "FULLSIZE" category: 2500€ (€2,500)
- PREMIUM category: €3000
- FURNISHED VAN category: €3000
- rental with maximum protection
- MINI category: €600
- ECONOMIC category: €650
- COMPACT category: €750
- INTERMEDIATE category: €1000
- STANDARD category: €1250
- SUPERIEURE "FULLSIZE" category: €1250
- PREMIUM category: €1,500
- VAN AMENAGE category: €1,500

iii) Return

The security deposit will be used to cover chargeable expenses (regularization of fuel, additional days, kilometers
damage caused to the vehicle, administrative costs in the event of a fine): by accepting the present general
terms and conditions, the renter accepts that the RENTSCAPE employee will debit the chargeable expenses
expenses to his/her bank account. The hirer understands that he/she has the option of settling the total amount of the contract and the expenses
The tenant understands that he/she has the option of settling the entire contract and all chargeable expenses by credit card payment upon return of the contract, and thus having the security deposit returned to him/her. If the security deposit is used to cover contractual expenses, RENTSCAPE will inform the customer within
10 working days after the debit to the tenant an invoice to justify the amounts charged. The receipt will be sent by
by e-mail. If the hirer has given an incorrect e-mail address when picking up the vehicle
it is the responsibility of the renter to request the invoice from the RENTSCAPE departure agency.
The unused security deposit will be returned within a maximum of 30 days after the vehicle has been returned.

5) Deposits, prepayments, cancellations

Rentals at the prepaid rate benefit from very advantageous tariff conditions. In return for this price advantage, RENTSCAPE retains the amount of the rental in the event of cancellation or impossibility of departure for a reason not attributable to RENTSCAPE (forgetfulness of an identity document or permit, strike, etc., bank card not allowing bank pre-authorization).

However, our customers can take out cancellation insurance online, at a cost of €40 per contract. In this case, reservations can be cancelled up to the scheduled departure time. Cancellation insurance loses its effect.

6) Hirer's failure to appear, impossibility of fulfilling contract, early return

It is specified that the rental company undertakes to keep the reserved vehicle for 120 minutes from the date and time of the provisional reservation, and at the latest
and at the latest 5 minutes after the agency's closing time; after this time, RENTSCAPE cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be kept. The
The reservation will then be treated as a no-show, i.e. a cancellation at the hirer's initiative, giving rise to withholding of the amounts
amounts already paid. In the event of early return, the rental company does not apply a specific penalty, but the rental is due until its end.

No refund can be requested if departure cannot take place for the following reasons:
- Invalid credit card or credit card expiring less than 30 days after the scheduled end of the contract or inability of the customer to make the bank pre-authorization for the security deposit;
- Absence of original driver's license and ID documents (no copies) at time of vehicle pick-up;
- No-show by the customer more than 59 minutes after the scheduled pick-up date and time, and no later than 5 minutes after the agency's closing time.

Any contract modification (extension, change of return agency) must be authorized in advance by the departure agency and will incur an administrative fee of €199 incl. VAT. Late drop-offs or changes of return agency not previously authorized will give rise to administrative charges of €199 inc. VAT and the invoicing of an additional day for late drop-offs, rentals being calculated per 24-hour period. The price of the additional rental day depends on the price in force at the time of the extension, as the initial rate is not guaranteed. Abandoned vehicles will be subject to a specific penalty of €199 incl. VAT, plus all direct costs (cost of transport to the originally scheduled location and cost of parking).

8) Fixed kilometer rate

The fixed kilometer rate depends on the number of rental days:
- 1 to 6 days: 250 km / day
- 7 to 8 days: 225 km / day
- 9 to 14 days: 200 km / day
- 15 to 21 days: 180 km / day
- 22 days or more: 150 km / day

The number of authorized kilometers shown on the rental contract is authoritative, unless indisputable proof is provided by the renter. To avoid any dispute, any disagreement with the departure mileage indicated on the contract must be reported before departure. Any additional kilometer beyond the authorized mileage will be billed according to a scale specific to the vehicle category:
- MINI category: 0.32€ / additional km
- ECONOMIC category: 0.34€ / additional km
- COMPACT category : 0.38€ / additional km
- category INTERMEDIATE : 0.42€ / km additional €
- STANDARD category : 0.42€ / additional km
- category SUPERIEURE "FULLSIZE" : 0.46€ / additional km
- PREMIUM category : : 0.50€ / additional km
- category VAN AMENAGE : : 0.49€ / km extra

9) Other charges

i) VAT is included in all our public rates. When a service is exempt from VAT (e.g.: insurance indemnities, the price is indicated "all taxes included" for convenience of language, even if the VAT rate is 0%).
all taxes included" for convenience of language, even if the VAT rate is 0%).

ii) Vehicle pick-up and drop-off outside opening hours ("OOH"): some agencies allow vehicle pick-up and drop-off outside opening hours.
opening hours. A pick-up fee may apply. The amount may vary depending on the agency and the time of year. See
for applicable agency rates.

iii) Administrative processing fees A fee of €69.50 per ticket is charged for the administrative processing of tickets. If a driver
driver commits several offences during the same rental contract, each offence will be billed separately. In addition, we
we may be asked to pass on the offending customer's details to the relevant public authority, which will then contact him or her directly.
directly. In the case of a parking fine (post-parking charge), the amount of the fine is paid directly to the authorities
by RENTSCAPE, who will re-invoice the amount to the hirer on presentation of the receipt. In the case of a
parking fine, the driver is reported to the authorities and the administrative costs are applied. In the event of
the driver is reported to the authorities and administrative charges are applied.

iv) In the event of damage to the vehicle, a fee of €199 (incl. VAT) will be charged for administrative handling of claims.

v) In the event of damage to the vehicle, RENTSCAPE shall be entitled to invoice the Customer for immobilization costs in respect of the loss of business
related to the immobilization of the vehicle. This compensation will be calculated as follows: €50 excluding VAT per day for the MINI, ECONOMIC
and COMPACT categories, €75 excl. VAT per day for the INTERMEDIATE and STANDARD categories, €100 excl.
"FULLSIZE", PREMIUM AND CONVERTED VANS. These amounts are increased by 50% between June 15 and September 15. If towing or repatriation
repatriation of the vehicle is required, a flat-rate charge will be applied: 150€ + 0.5€ / km, plus 200€ on roads with restricted access.
access roads.

vi) The customer must pay for the cost of transferring or towing the vehicle, made necessary by the customer, to the agency of departure or to the repair centre.
to the repair center.

vii) Extensive cleaning: 200€ will be charged when the vehicle is returned in such a dirty condition that it requires a significantly more extensive cleaning than a normal cleaning before it can be rented again. For a van
the charge is €400. Smoking is forbidden in the vehicles, and offenders will be charged €200 to cover the cost of restoring the vehicle to its original state. Transporting animals in vehicles, as permitted by law, incurs
to a specific flat-rate cleaning charge of 200€.

viii) Loss of vehicle keys, or damage to vehicle keys requiring replacement, will incur a charge of

II. Insurance and assistance

1) Damage to the rented vehicle

i) In the event of a claim on the rented vehicle, the Customer undertakes, under penalty of exclusion from insurance, to :
a) Inform the departure agency immediately;
b) Send to RENTSCAPE, within a maximum of 48 hours after the accident, either an amicable accident report or an "accident report" supplied by the rental agency.
provided by the departure agency, giving full details of the other parties involved and/or any witnesses
involved and/or any witnesses, their license plate number(s), the details of their insurance company(ies) with
policy number(s), as well as details of the circumstances of the accident with a sketch, all signed by each person(s) involved.
each person(s) involved;
c) Immediately inform the police authorities if an investigation is required to identify a responsible third party or if any persons have been injured
people have been injured;
d) Not to abandon the rented vehicle without first taking all necessary precautions to protect it.

ii) In the event of vandalism, fire, theft or disappearance of the rented vehicle, the Customer undertakes to inform RENTSCAPE within a maximum of 48 hours and to lodge a complaint with the competent authorities, providing a copy of the complaint without delay.

iii) If the Customer is involved in an accident, he/she will be liable for all costs without deductible if the vehicle is not used in accordance with the
general rental conditions.

iv) In the event of damage to the vehicle, the customer accepts without reservation the use of the security deposit to
an amount calculated on the basis of an independent expert's report. RENTSCAPE will provide the tenant with an invoice and the expert's report to justify the amounts charged. The proof will be
sent by e-mail. If the hirer has provided an incorrect e-mail address at the time of
If the hirer has given an incorrect e-mail address when picking up the vehicle, he/she will be responsible for requesting the invoice and any justification from the RENTSCAPE.

2) Insurances included in the rate

Rental rates always include:
- Third-party liability insurance.
- Technical assistance for the vehicle during the agency's opening hours for breakdowns and damages without driver liability. Only authorized drivers benefit from insurances and guarantees. Our rates do not allow, unless explicitly stated otherwise, the use of the vehicle by only one driver. Additional authorized drivers can be added to the contract, for €8 per day and per additional driver.

3) Optional protections

By default, unless under specific conditions, rental rates do not include the optional protections which can be subscribed separately.

4) Exclusion cases

If the driver does not comply with these restrictions, they will be held responsible for any loss or damage caused and will lose the benefit of any insurance or guarantee that may cover them. Furthermore, RENTSCAPE reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the rental contract for non-compliant use.
All insurances and guarantees do not apply:
• If the loss or damage is caused intentionally;
• In case of negligence or recklessness;
• In case of non-compliant driving according to current regulations;
The Client commits to using the vehicle with the necessary care and caution, in accordance with its characteristics and always respecting the current traffic rules. Otherwise, the Client will be in a case of unauthorized use.

5) Assistance

RENTSCAPE commits to maintaining its vehicles to the highest standards. During the rental period, the driver benefits from assistance in case of breakdown, mechanical failure, or accident. Technical assistance for the vehicle in mainland France (breakdown service, towing, and/or provision of a replacement vehicle) is provided in case of immobilization following a breakdown, accident, or fire for which the client is not responsible. In case of responsible breakdown (flat tire, fuel failure, fuel error, loss of keys, etc.), no replacement vehicle will be provided, and repairs and all direct costs incurred will be borne by the tenant. Any abusive use of the RENTSCAPE assistance contract will be invoiced to the tenant in addition to administrative fees of €199. Any problem must be reported to us as soon as possible. Any expenditure commitment on our vehicles not previously authorized by the company is the responsibility of the tenant. Assistance is only provided in mainland France. If leaving the territory, it is the tenant's responsibility to return the vehicle to mainland France at their expense to benefit from assistance and/or a replacement vehicle.

III) Other additional services

GPS: €8.00 per day (max €56.00 per rental) - Baby seat: €8.00 per day (max €56.00 per rental) - Child seat: €8.00 per day (max €56.00 per rental) - Booster seat: €5.00 per day (max €35.00 per rental). A number of additional services specific to converted vans are offered (bike, surfboard, paddle, barbecue, etc.). Their prices are available on request in all our agencies. In case of breakage or loss, any item will be invoiced for its replacement cost, in addition to administrative fees of €199.

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